Summer is here!

20 06 2012

What can one say?  Searing heat.  Radiating sunshine.  The smell of sunblock just sprayed on your kids.  Summer is here!

Remember those days  – when your parents bought that little pool, way before you could swim?  The fun you had splashing around while sitting in that inflated, saturated soggy diaper?   All lathered in sunblock so that you don’t get that first sunburn.   And that inflated ring.  How about those swimmies?  What more could you ask for?

How about now?  You have your own kids?  They are in and out of the house while the AC is humming red outside in the heat?  No idea that your next electric bill could pay for a mini vacation to the shore.  That’s ok though, they are kids.  Off from school for summer vacation.  Enjoying the throngs of what summer has to offer – lighting bugs, sleeping in, ice pops, hanging out til way past dark with the neighborhood kids playing Ghost in the Graveyard.  Ahh to be a kids again.

This is my intro to the first day of summer – well sometime today.  I know that the Summer Soltice occurs today – June 20.  Summer too.

Stay cool!





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