A Christmas Tradition

8 12 2012

There are many things that stand out for me at Christmas.  We all have certain traditions that we do year after year.  Those same traditions we hope to pass along to our children.   I wish to touch on just two of them in today’s blog – National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and getting the Rowlands’ Christmas tree as a family.


Clark Griswald has a place in my Chrsitmas tradition as I’m sure he has in many.  How can you not enjoy such a film that captures all the corny happenings that we can all relate too sometime or another in our lifetime.  Even though we have the DVD and watch it throughout the year, I always look forward to the movie airing on some obscure channel such as TNT, USA or ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas.  It certainly doesn’t capture the true meaning of Christmas by any imagination, but what is the true meaning of Christmas anyway?  But it helps dampen the humdrum of what we call life as we see it.

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This year our travels for a tree took us to Old Zionsville off of Route 100 to the College Tree Farm.  All the proceeds of the sale of trees goes to the kid’s college tuition.  Hey, I cannot complain.  I only paid $37 for this 8 foot pine.

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After loading and tying the tree on top of the Durango, we headed home.  Once home, we all had tasks.  I got the tape measure, saw and tree stand.  Mom began moving the living room furniture and located the broom and dustpan.  The kids untied the tree from the roof.  Garrett, Haley and I measured twice and cut once the tree to fit into the stand at the correct height for the living room.  This is a step that cannot be screwed up.  Otherwise, it will cost you a lot of time, anger and clean-up.

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Once the tree was in the house, adjusted in the stand by Garrett and centered in the front window, Haley asked if she could cut the tree wrap off.  I said sure.

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Finally, the water was added.  I had a little help from our new boxer puppy, Bruiser.

I’d like to take this time to just say that traditions happen for a reason.  Our Christmas tradition will continue for a long time and hopefully our children will do the same with their children.

Wishing everyone who reads this a very special holiday season!!