Father’s Day 2013

16 06 2013

Scott iPhone 089

This past May was 3 years since we lost dad to cancer.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about him or Michele or the kids don’t talk about him.  He is missed very much!

Soon after dad retired he began collecting quarters.  The quarters of each of the 50 states.  Every time a new circulation of quarters came out, dad would be at the bank buying an uncirculated roll.  I didn’t realize until after dad had passed away the collection of quarters he had.

I have never been a very lucky person when it comes to winning – especially money.  Nor am I a very lucky person when it comes to finding money on the street.  Sure, every now and again I may find a penny or two but I only pick it up if it’s head’s up.

The July after dad had passed away I did Ironman.  A rather interesting thing occurred throughout the week while in Lake Placid.  We began finding quarters everywhere.  I even found two quarters on the bike course during the bike leg of Ironman as I was looking down at the road looking for pot holes.  Since this time we have accumulated over $7 in quarters.

Today being Father’s Day I was out for my typical long run.  A nice morning.  Overcast, a bit cool and slightly humid.  All good.  At two different locations I came across two quarters.  Coincidental?  I am not sure.  I can say though, that I believe dad was looking down on me today and that this was his way of showing me he was there.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad

Love and miss you!