Nostalgia or just silly?

25 08 2013

Scott's iPhone 030


It’s August in Macungie and time for the hot rod car show – Wheels of Time.  Every year there is a main attraction.  This year it is Butch Patrick, aka Eddie Munster, from the 60’s TV show The Munsters.  I wasn’t even born yet when the show began, but grew up watching the reruns in syndication as did (I bet) most of you.

Whether you admit to watching the show or not, is just fine.

There is no real secret (maybe there is) to the fact that I enjoy old, black & white TV shows and movies, especially those on TCM, Retro TV, MeTV and TV Land.  Watching these channels puts you in a state of innocence where comedy was clean and harmless.

For Christmas one year I was given the first season of The Munsters as a gift.  Haley, my daughter, began watching the show and was intrigued and thought Herman Munster was cool.  Hearing that Butch Patrick, aka Eddie Munster was going to be in Macungie at the hot rod car show, she wanted to go.   Garrett, my son, was more interested in the cars from the TV show.Scott's iPhone 026 Scott's iPhone 027

They both had the opportunity to see a real life TV star and the cars they used in the TV show that made him famous.  For those of you who can relate to this, I hope you enjoy the photos.  Whether you wish to admit or not….time will tell.





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