Pancreatic Cancer Walk

22 09 2013

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Today was a spectacular day for a walk in the Lehigh Parkway.  Fall was in the air.  The skies were blue. The leaves were falling.  However, today was not just a walk in the Lehigh Parkway but the 5th annual walk for The Lustgarten Foundation for the Cure for Pancreatic Cancer.   The Lustgarten Foundation Cure for Pancreatic Cancer walk was brought here to the valley 5 years ago by the Welding family for lost their mother to the disease.  Today brought out over 500 walkers that raised over $62,000.

My mother-in -law, Mary Yandle, passed away 3 years ago this past July from Pancreatic Cancer and this walk is for her and the many others who have passed away for the disease.  It was stated today that of the 37,000 people diagnosed last year with Pancreatic Cancer 34,000 passed away.  We need to find a cure.

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Let’s Talk – Accomplishments

15 09 2013



I was sitting around thinking about my friends and clients and their accomplishments this year.  It started in my head and began to grow to pen and paper.  Then I thought, why not write a blog so all can enjoy.  So here we go – not in any particular order.  If I missed anyone or any accomplishment, I apologize in advance.



Reading, PA Shiver By The River Series

Matt Russell Overall Male Masters Winner


March 2013

Oceanside California, Ironman 70.3

Stephen Roseme 5:46:45 (First Ironman 70.3)

Tara Roseme 6:35:49


May 2013

Philadelphia, PA Dirty German 

Renee’ Hislop 50 miles (2nd Female Overall)


Lanzorate, Spain Ironman

John Potter 10:36:17


July 2013

Lake Placid, NY Ironman 

Mandy Lovett 11:48:16 (PR)

Scott Rowlands 11:54:56 (PR)

Brian Schwind 12:37:59 (First Ironman)


Jim Thorpe, PA Anthracite Triathlon

Carolyn Strubinger 3:38:21 (3rd Overall in AG)


August 2013

Quakertown, PA Steelman Olympic Triathlon 

Brian Lovett 2:01:46 (Overall Winner)

Matt Russell 2:09:30 (4th Overall, 2nd AG)


Whistler, BC, Canada Ironman 

John Potter 10:03:19


Hazleton, PA Beware of Barracuda Triathlon 

Gary Bonfante 1:38:27 (3rd Overall in AG)


September 2013

Lehigh Valley, PA Via Marathon

John Parks 4:21:11 (First Official Marathon Finish outside of an Ironman)


Sandusky, OH Rev3 Full Ironman

Kenrick Smith 9:36:11 (First Overall, PR)


Reading, PA Labor Pains

Renee’ Hislop 11:11:40 (55 miles, 2nd Female 40-59)


Las Vegas, NV Ironman 70.3 World Championships 

Matt Russell 5:01:28 (First Time Qualifier)


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