Pancreatic Cancer Walk

22 09 2013

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Today was a spectacular day for a walk in the Lehigh Parkway.  Fall was in the air.  The skies were blue. The leaves were falling.  However, today was not just a walk in the Lehigh Parkway but the 5th annual walk for The Lustgarten Foundation for the Cure for Pancreatic Cancer.   The Lustgarten Foundation Cure for Pancreatic Cancer walk was brought here to the valley 5 years ago by the Welding family for lost their mother to the disease.  Today brought out over 500 walkers that raised over $62,000.

My mother-in -law, Mary Yandle, passed away 3 years ago this past July from Pancreatic Cancer and this walk is for her and the many others who have passed away for the disease.  It was stated today that of the 37,000 people diagnosed last year with Pancreatic Cancer 34,000 passed away.  We need to find a cure.

For more information on the foundation,

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