Pre Valentine’s Day Snowstorm – 2014

13 02 2014

Scott's iPhone 079

Guess what?

Guess yet?

Figure it out yet?


I guess we cannot complain since we haven’t had a “winter” here in Pennsylvania since 1996? But really? Haven’t we had enough?

Is Ben Franklin smiling somewhere up there that his Farmer’s Almanac has been pretty much “on target”?

That damn groundhog, Phil, is probably giggling in his underground lair.

How about these meteorologists?  Are they “happy” now?

Well, no use complaining, it’s not like the snow is going to suddenly stop, right?  Well, hmmmm? What if we all go outside, say at noon today, and complain.  It may just work…lol

Listen –  be safe, stay warm, and have fun with the kids and pets on this “Pre Valentine’s Day Snowstorm – 2014.







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