Ironman Lake Placid 2014

31 07 2014

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Wow, what a race!  That’s all I have to say!

Sunday July 27 was my 11th start at Ironman Lake Placid and will be one to remember, for sure.

The weather in this village in this upstate New York  Adirondack region is always unpredictable.  On this day, it was no different.

Over the past 5 years, the lake water in Mirror Lake where the swim portion of Ironman is held has been gradually been getting warmer, especially on race day.  However, given the colder winter of 2013-14, race morning water temperature was ’71.  This makes it “wet suit” legal.  The air temperature was ’61.  You do the math.  A bit brisk, no doubt.  The forecast for the day, at least during the morning, were thunderstorms until 8-ish.  After which, the sun was to come out.  I can say, Mother Nature did not let us down.

I lined up on the beach for the “rolling swim start” for a swim time of :60 to 1:10.  Our wave left the beach and hit the water between 6:35 and 6:40 am.  The skies where overcast and a bit threatening.  The first 1.2 mile loop was uneventful.  I exited the water, ran through the TYR archway, over the beach and jumped back into Mirror Lake for the second loop.  With about 900 meters to go I felt the rain.  I thought ok, I’m wet already, no big deal.

How bad can it get?

Mike Reilly (The Voice of Ironman) stated on the speaker that the fire companies in Keene, Jay and Upper Jay have opened their doors for cyclist to take cover – this cannot be good, I thought?  Just then I heard a loud rumble – THUNDER!!  For me, the first 30 miles on the bike where horrific – LIGHTNING, THUNDER, RAIN, WIND, DRIVING RAIN, more LIGHTNING, THUNDER and of course more RAIN.  Did I mention the air temperature?  BRRRRRRRR!  I was so cold that my body began to uncontrollably shake as I descended down through the Cascade Lakes into Keene.  The weather did not cease through Upper Jay, Jay or Ausable Forks.  I had already decided that if I make it back to Lake Placid, unscathed, and it was still raining, I would call it a day.  During the run, the consensus was the same with a lot of triathletes.

As I made my way toward Wilmington, the skies began to part.  The RAIN has stopped.  The air temperature began to climb, as did my emotions.  All I wanted was to get warm…I did.  I came through town and felt great.  The second 56 mile loop was a lot better.  Well, almost?!?  The sun came out.  The humidity rose as did the winds.  I said to myself, SELF, this is a lot better than a few hours ago….deal with it.  My bike times where not the greatest, but as I rode back into town for the second time, I was surely relieved to get off the bike.

I began the marathon – nice and steady.  I was running every mile and walked through each aid station.  It worked for me.   Then with about 10 miles to go I met up with Jack Basile.   At mile 18 Jack and I were greeted by Rob Baran.  He was having some stomach issues.  The three of us ran and walked with 5 miles to go when Jack said he wanted to make a try and finish strong.  I stayed with Rob until mile 25 when I said I am going to make a try to finish this race.

I finished.  A bit confused, but finished.

The confusion – I questioned my finishing time and the time on my watch 11:43:16 vs 12:22:58.  That night I was informed that about 700 triathletes were removed from Mirror Lake due to the THUNDER and LIGHTNING.  To make the race fair, Ironman decided only to record the first loop of the swim (1.2 miles) and removed T-1.

To me the times don’t matter.  I am thankful I finished the race.

I want to send out kudos to Brian Lovett, Kenrick Smith, John Parks, Jack Basile, Rob Baran, Terry Fenoff, Ashley Stumpp, Brian Schwind, Tom Roberts, Garret Persing and David Marks.

Lastly, I am very thankful for my family who are always there for me…Michele, Garrett and Haley….thank you so much!! Love you guys!

Until next year….Scott



Pre Valentine’s Day Snowstorm – 2014

13 02 2014

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Guess what?

Guess yet?

Figure it out yet?


I guess we cannot complain since we haven’t had a “winter” here in Pennsylvania since 1996? But really? Haven’t we had enough?

Is Ben Franklin smiling somewhere up there that his Farmer’s Almanac has been pretty much “on target”?

That damn groundhog, Phil, is probably giggling in his underground lair.

How about these meteorologists?  Are they “happy” now?

Well, no use complaining, it’s not like the snow is going to suddenly stop, right?  Well, hmmmm? What if we all go outside, say at noon today, and complain.  It may just work…lol

Listen –  be safe, stay warm, and have fun with the kids and pets on this “Pre Valentine’s Day Snowstorm – 2014.




“Pre” Christmas 2013

7 12 2013

This day may go down in Rowlands history as the fastest Christmas tree choosing ever.  Unbelievable!

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After a morning if raking leaves of retired friends of the family we ventured out to Zionsville to the College Christmas Tree Farm.  This may be the third year of going there.?

Easy to get to.  Great selection of pre-cut and choose your own and cut trees and cheap.  For a 7 foot tree we paid $36.  Not a bad deal at all.

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As with years past, this is a family affair.  With the Garrett and Haley getting older, they were able to carry the tree into the house, set it up and get it unwrapped.

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Then of course, we had to have Bruiser inspect the watering of the tree…again!

Hoping all of you have as much fun as us “pre-paring” for Christmas.



Pancreatic Cancer Walk

22 09 2013

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Today was a spectacular day for a walk in the Lehigh Parkway.  Fall was in the air.  The skies were blue. The leaves were falling.  However, today was not just a walk in the Lehigh Parkway but the 5th annual walk for The Lustgarten Foundation for the Cure for Pancreatic Cancer.   The Lustgarten Foundation Cure for Pancreatic Cancer walk was brought here to the valley 5 years ago by the Welding family for lost their mother to the disease.  Today brought out over 500 walkers that raised over $62,000.

My mother-in -law, Mary Yandle, passed away 3 years ago this past July from Pancreatic Cancer and this walk is for her and the many others who have passed away for the disease.  It was stated today that of the 37,000 people diagnosed last year with Pancreatic Cancer 34,000 passed away.  We need to find a cure.

For more information on the foundation,

Thanks for reading,



Let’s Talk – Accomplishments

15 09 2013



I was sitting around thinking about my friends and clients and their accomplishments this year.  It started in my head and began to grow to pen and paper.  Then I thought, why not write a blog so all can enjoy.  So here we go – not in any particular order.  If I missed anyone or any accomplishment, I apologize in advance.



Reading, PA Shiver By The River Series

Matt Russell Overall Male Masters Winner


March 2013

Oceanside California, Ironman 70.3

Stephen Roseme 5:46:45 (First Ironman 70.3)

Tara Roseme 6:35:49


May 2013

Philadelphia, PA Dirty German 

Renee’ Hislop 50 miles (2nd Female Overall)


Lanzorate, Spain Ironman

John Potter 10:36:17


July 2013

Lake Placid, NY Ironman 

Mandy Lovett 11:48:16 (PR)

Scott Rowlands 11:54:56 (PR)

Brian Schwind 12:37:59 (First Ironman)


Jim Thorpe, PA Anthracite Triathlon

Carolyn Strubinger 3:38:21 (3rd Overall in AG)


August 2013

Quakertown, PA Steelman Olympic Triathlon 

Brian Lovett 2:01:46 (Overall Winner)

Matt Russell 2:09:30 (4th Overall, 2nd AG)


Whistler, BC, Canada Ironman 

John Potter 10:03:19


Hazleton, PA Beware of Barracuda Triathlon 

Gary Bonfante 1:38:27 (3rd Overall in AG)


September 2013

Lehigh Valley, PA Via Marathon

John Parks 4:21:11 (First Official Marathon Finish outside of an Ironman)


Sandusky, OH Rev3 Full Ironman

Kenrick Smith 9:36:11 (First Overall, PR)


Reading, PA Labor Pains

Renee’ Hislop 11:11:40 (55 miles, 2nd Female 40-59)


Las Vegas, NV Ironman 70.3 World Championships 

Matt Russell 5:01:28 (First Time Qualifier)


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Retirement does have its benefits….

29 08 2013

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Every year after Ironman I go into “retirement”.  I try to do absolutely nothing for at least a month or longer.  When I say “nothing”, it truly means nothing.  No swimming, biking or running.  I trade it in for a chilled Land Shark Lager.

This is the “off season”, right?

2 years ago I began something new during my retirement time after Ironman – weight training.   I am one for change.  I admit though, I am skeptical.  I will question it through and through.  Is this right? Will it work? Does it really matter? On and on and on.  This doesn’t mean that I won’t do it, I’ll just question it.

This weight training was suggested by a very good friend of mine, Dr. Thomas Brown, DC.  He recommended a whole body workout that is very “sport specific”.  As a triathlete, time is of the essence.  Adding yet another piece to my already busy schedule can be very overwhelming, almost daunting and sometimes impossible to do.

Thus, I begin.

There are many benefits to using a “sport specific” weight training program…minimal time in the gym, quicker gains in strength because the focus of each workout is specific to the muscle groups I use in each leg of the triathlon, and the fact that I can use this program year round and incorporate it into any periodization program.   I find that I spend roughly 40-50 minutes in the gym, 3x per week, depending on the number of others using the equipment I use for my workouts.   The workouts I do work the legs (quads, hamstrings and glutes), abs, upper back, shoulders, chest, biceps and triceps.  All of which are the main muscles I use during a triathlon.  I do 5 sets of 10 reps with weights that at the end of each set, is tough to finish.


The past 2 Ironman events I have seen significant improvement in my finishing times, how I felt during the race and immediately afterward.   My 2012 Ironman was 29 minutes faster that my 2010 finish.  My 2013 Ironman was 35+ minutes faster that my 2012 finish.  This year I was 20 minutes faster on the bike and 15+ minutes faster on the run.  Can I say it’s all from weight training?  Probably not.  However, as with any athlete, when something works, you keep with it.

All this being said, I would recommend weight training to everyone.  There are significant benefits regardless of age or athletic ability or endeavor, even in retirement

Thanks for reading…



Nostalgia or just silly?

25 08 2013

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It’s August in Macungie and time for the hot rod car show – Wheels of Time.  Every year there is a main attraction.  This year it is Butch Patrick, aka Eddie Munster, from the 60’s TV show The Munsters.  I wasn’t even born yet when the show began, but grew up watching the reruns in syndication as did (I bet) most of you.

Whether you admit to watching the show or not, is just fine.

There is no real secret (maybe there is) to the fact that I enjoy old, black & white TV shows and movies, especially those on TCM, Retro TV, MeTV and TV Land.  Watching these channels puts you in a state of innocence where comedy was clean and harmless.

For Christmas one year I was given the first season of The Munsters as a gift.  Haley, my daughter, began watching the show and was intrigued and thought Herman Munster was cool.  Hearing that Butch Patrick, aka Eddie Munster was going to be in Macungie at the hot rod car show, she wanted to go.   Garrett, my son, was more interested in the cars from the TV show.Scott's iPhone 026 Scott's iPhone 027

They both had the opportunity to see a real life TV star and the cars they used in the TV show that made him famous.  For those of you who can relate to this, I hope you enjoy the photos.  Whether you wish to admit or not….time will tell.