Pancreatic Cancer Walk

22 09 2013

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Today was a spectacular day for a walk in the Lehigh Parkway.  Fall was in the air.  The skies were blue. The leaves were falling.  However, today was not just a walk in the Lehigh Parkway but the 5th annual walk for The Lustgarten Foundation for the Cure for Pancreatic Cancer.   The Lustgarten Foundation Cure for Pancreatic Cancer walk was brought here to the valley 5 years ago by the Welding family for lost their mother to the disease.  Today brought out over 500 walkers that raised over $62,000.

My mother-in -law, Mary Yandle, passed away 3 years ago this past July from Pancreatic Cancer and this walk is for her and the many others who have passed away for the disease.  It was stated today that of the 37,000 people diagnosed last year with Pancreatic Cancer 34,000 passed away.  We need to find a cure.

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Retirement does have its benefits….

29 08 2013

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Every year after Ironman I go into “retirement”.  I try to do absolutely nothing for at least a month or longer.  When I say “nothing”, it truly means nothing.  No swimming, biking or running.  I trade it in for a chilled Land Shark Lager.

This is the “off season”, right?

2 years ago I began something new during my retirement time after Ironman – weight training.   I am one for change.  I admit though, I am skeptical.  I will question it through and through.  Is this right? Will it work? Does it really matter? On and on and on.  This doesn’t mean that I won’t do it, I’ll just question it.

This weight training was suggested by a very good friend of mine, Dr. Thomas Brown, DC.  He recommended a whole body workout that is very “sport specific”.  As a triathlete, time is of the essence.  Adding yet another piece to my already busy schedule can be very overwhelming, almost daunting and sometimes impossible to do.

Thus, I begin.

There are many benefits to using a “sport specific” weight training program…minimal time in the gym, quicker gains in strength because the focus of each workout is specific to the muscle groups I use in each leg of the triathlon, and the fact that I can use this program year round and incorporate it into any periodization program.   I find that I spend roughly 40-50 minutes in the gym, 3x per week, depending on the number of others using the equipment I use for my workouts.   The workouts I do work the legs (quads, hamstrings and glutes), abs, upper back, shoulders, chest, biceps and triceps.  All of which are the main muscles I use during a triathlon.  I do 5 sets of 10 reps with weights that at the end of each set, is tough to finish.


The past 2 Ironman events I have seen significant improvement in my finishing times, how I felt during the race and immediately afterward.   My 2012 Ironman was 29 minutes faster that my 2010 finish.  My 2013 Ironman was 35+ minutes faster that my 2012 finish.  This year I was 20 minutes faster on the bike and 15+ minutes faster on the run.  Can I say it’s all from weight training?  Probably not.  However, as with any athlete, when something works, you keep with it.

All this being said, I would recommend weight training to everyone.  There are significant benefits regardless of age or athletic ability or endeavor, even in retirement

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