Retirement does have its benefits….

29 08 2013

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Every year after Ironman I go into “retirement”.  I try to do absolutely nothing for at least a month or longer.  When I say “nothing”, it truly means nothing.  No swimming, biking or running.  I trade it in for a chilled Land Shark Lager.

This is the “off season”, right?

2 years ago I began something new during my retirement time after Ironman – weight training.   I am one for change.  I admit though, I am skeptical.  I will question it through and through.  Is this right? Will it work? Does it really matter? On and on and on.  This doesn’t mean that I won’t do it, I’ll just question it.

This weight training was suggested by a very good friend of mine, Dr. Thomas Brown, DC.  He recommended a whole body workout that is very “sport specific”.  As a triathlete, time is of the essence.  Adding yet another piece to my already busy schedule can be very overwhelming, almost daunting and sometimes impossible to do.

Thus, I begin.

There are many benefits to using a “sport specific” weight training program…minimal time in the gym, quicker gains in strength because the focus of each workout is specific to the muscle groups I use in each leg of the triathlon, and the fact that I can use this program year round and incorporate it into any periodization program.   I find that I spend roughly 40-50 minutes in the gym, 3x per week, depending on the number of others using the equipment I use for my workouts.   The workouts I do work the legs (quads, hamstrings and glutes), abs, upper back, shoulders, chest, biceps and triceps.  All of which are the main muscles I use during a triathlon.  I do 5 sets of 10 reps with weights that at the end of each set, is tough to finish.


The past 2 Ironman events I have seen significant improvement in my finishing times, how I felt during the race and immediately afterward.   My 2012 Ironman was 29 minutes faster that my 2010 finish.  My 2013 Ironman was 35+ minutes faster that my 2012 finish.  This year I was 20 minutes faster on the bike and 15+ minutes faster on the run.  Can I say it’s all from weight training?  Probably not.  However, as with any athlete, when something works, you keep with it.

All this being said, I would recommend weight training to everyone.  There are significant benefits regardless of age or athletic ability or endeavor, even in retirement

Thanks for reading…